Monday, March 31, 2008

Flower Power

White Orchids, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

The Greenhills shopping center, particularly its tiangge, is a Mecca for the bargain shopper. Foreigners and locals alike who visit Manila make this a requisite stop. Items such as clothes, toys, bags and much more may be found here. A small garden lies in its center and provides respite to the weary shopper. Plants, including this orchid, may be bought here.

Lesson learned: You never know what you're going to come across with. Keep a camera handy.

Taken March 2008 at one of the stalls selling plants in Greenhills Shopping Center.


SandyCarlson said...

Those orchids are beautiful. They are so spotlessly white!

Panaderos said...

Nice shot for it captured the beauty and freshness of those orchids. Pretty.

Manggy said...

Nice shot Dr. Em! I'll definitely be noting your progress in this blog. Haha as if may K ako no! :)

tin said...

pretty, pretty orchids. nice shot, doc!

Em Dy said...

Sandy, thanks for visiting. The Philippines' flora and fauna is very rich.

Panaderos, thanks.

Manggy, please do. Your pictures rock.

Tin, salamat.

meeya said...

hi em, i agree, i always keep a camera in my bag (or within reach) kasi you'll just never know when the kodak moment comes. :)

i miss greenhills! :)

Borski and Nai said...

I can see that the orchids are not infested with any illness. Great shot, Dr. Em! :-) Happy WS! Be seeing you at our WS, too. Thank you!