Sunday, December 21, 2008

Show Off

All White and Colorful, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

Color attracts, doesn't it? Although there are three birds in the picture, the colorful one stands out.

Taken May 2007 at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia


Lakshmi said...

love the colours..I have a few in Singapore too..

b13 said...

Oh, wow! At first I thought you were counting the ones in the sign... then I saw the OTHER two. Great shot!

Ice Pony Goddess said... pretty.

fortuitous faery said...

reminds me of agfa color films...haha

Grammy said...

You have me looking for the other 2
Love the photo

Misty Dawn said...

Now THAT is absolutely gorgeous!!!

tashabud said...

You are so right. I didn't notice the others. Great photo. Very rich and vibrant.