Sunday, October 19, 2008


Beer, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

Which one do you like best?

Taken May 2008 in Macau

This week's Unique's Photo Challenge: Thirsty


jaejae said...

mine's used to be SML (SanMig Lite) but now that we're in canada, i shifted to Bud Lite. sometimes Coors. SML here is considered import so it's pretty expensive. and it's hard to find.

nah, i don't drink that often. just a couple of bottles on saturday nights. i work monday through friday overnights so i guess am pretty much deprived of beer already! hahaha!

Leslie said...

I love a good cold Blue Moon with an orange wedge. yum!

Em Dy said...

Jaejae, then you should request it from visiting folks as pasalubong. Or go visit the Philippines to have your fill.

Leslie, will take your word for it. I don't really like the taste of beer and I drink cocktails rarely.