Monday, October 13, 2008

Old Favorite

Old Favorite, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

I know this flower very well though not by name. I grew up with this flower and it was perhaps the prettiest in my grandmother's garden. One that we were not allowed to pluck. But then again, we shouldn't have been doing that but somehow we got away with another one. Not this one though, she would have noticed. Or her eldest son would have told on us.

Taken September 2008 in Mandaluyong, Philippines


Arija said...

Lovely flowers so well caprured against the perfecct background.

dulce said...

Beautiful flowers!

tita Des said...

Flowers need to be picked - that way they gift you with more of them in your garden while those you pick will brighten up your room
One reason why I love cutting gardens

Laura said...

It is nice that flowers have memories, those flowers are best and most important in garden.
Always when you walk in your garden and see this flower, you remember your grandmother.

Anonymous said...



Denise said...

A gorgeous flower photo, beautiful share.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...

Em Dy
Lovely flowers!
Wonderful colors!
Thanks for join us, hope you come back every week!

Luiz & Denise from TFlowers

Ken said...

What a beauty, perfectly captured by your lens. I think it's called Bangkok kalachuchi (impala lily). It's native of South Africa but was introduced to the Philippines from Thailand that's why it's called Bangkok Kalachuchi.

Em Dy said...

Thanks everyone for visiting.

Tita Des, that's a nice perspective.

Laura, I love what you said about flowers having memories.

Ken, thanks for the info! Now I know what it's called.