Saturday, November 15, 2008

Remains of the Day

Ruins of St. Paul's - Detail, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

What's left of the St. Paul's Church in Macau is just the facade. Its image is the most representative of Macau.

Taken May 2008 in Macau

This week's Photo Hunt theme: Ruin(ed)


YTSL said...

Had thought about putting up a photo of St. Paul's in Macau. So glad I didn't. Your photo is sooooooo much better than any of it that I've got! :)

June said...

Always amazing to see ruins like did they ever get them built...and so beautifully!

Pamela said...

Ohhh, that is amazing! What a lovely place!

earthlingorgeous said...

What a lovely shot of the ruins! Looked like it didn't got ruined at all unless you really look at it!


julie said...


Mrs Mecomber said...

What an exquisite building this must have been. Reminds me of the Library of Celsius in Ephesus.

I did Photo Hunt today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit and leave your link!

Have a great weekend!

Em Dy said...

YTSL, thanks. I'm sure your photos look great too.

June, my thoughts exactly.

Pamela, this is just one of the many heritage sites in the area. Go visit!

Earthlingorgeous, it's really surprising that only the facade's left.

Julie, thanks.

Mrs Mecomber, I haven't been to the place you mentioned. But if it's anything like this, any photographer would go crazy.