Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Red Wagon

The Red Wagon, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

Once you've tried what this red wagon serves, you'd definitely come back for more. I did. I loved the malasadas and made a second trip back to this wagon.

Taken May 2006 in Oahu, Hawaii


Denise said...

Hi, I joined the link to hear malasadas and I got hungry, they seem very delicious and appetizing, here in Brazil we have those with the name of Dream.
hugs, Denise

Photo Cache said...

Here in the CA bay area I have not seen these around and we have a good number of Portuguese population. I wonder why. I can't wait to hunt for these.

Askew To You said...

Thanks for including the link to wikipedia. They sound yummy. :D


Raven said...

Never heard of these before but they look good. I'm sure I'd go back way to often. Even without the goodies, it's a nice little wagon - Leonard Jr. has done a good job of making it look inviting.

Dianne said...

I looked it up. Yummy!! How can you go wrong with frying a doughnut and adding sugar LOL

The wagon is very eye catching.

jaejae said...

hi em... uhh, what's a malasadas?

arlene said...

interesting rolling store. :) what do they sell?

kayniscornercafe said...

i think this is the one parked near walmart-waikele. i frequent this one too. be having some soon in december...lo.

Em Dy said...

Denise, thanks for telling us what it's called in your country.

Photo Cache, hope you find some.

Askew to You, they were. Hope you can try it someday.

Raven, the wagon does call out, right? Must be because it's red.

Dianne, you're right. It's similar to a doughnut.

Jaejae, check the Wikipedia link. Basta, it's good!

Arlene, malasadas.

Kayni, that's right. I envy your getting your fill in December!