Friday, June 20, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Tamborine Mountain, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

This was what greeted me every morning I was in Australia for a 10-day seminar. The sky was blue despite it being winter then. It was a welcome respite to the concrete jungle I'm accustomed to. Wish I have something like this in my backyard.

Taken August 2006 in Tamborine Mountain, Australia

This week's Photo Friday theme: The Great Outdoors


alicesg said...

Lovely photo for SWF. Nice scenery. Have a nice weekend.

Small City Scenes said...

It is a lovey bucolic scene. I have horses in my backyard. Nice to wake up to. MB

Anonymous said...

The photograph is stunning. I think everyone wants Nature in all its beauty but far too many don't want to deal with raccoons, bugs, and things not found in the urban environment. I would live there in a heartbeat but I'd insist on a small country-style grocery store within walking distance.

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Em Dy said...

Alicesg, you too.

Small city scenes, lucky you!

Abraham Lincoln, there was but one grocery store within walking distance. As my trip was during the height of theLondon scare, many of the delegates, including myself, did not bring toothpaste. I was able to buy the last one from the store. The delegates who came after me had to ask for toothpaste from their roommates.

Judi-gmj said...


Tommy V said...

nice picture. love the blue sky

Small City Scenes said...

Em: The June full moon is called Strawberry moon because June here is traditionally strawberry month. It is called Illusion moon because it looks way larger than it is. MB

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Daniel J Santos said...

beautiful place.

Powell River Books said...

The blue sky is beautiful and I love the horses in the foreground. My contribution is a solar halo. I invite you to come see. -- Margy

Old Wom Tigley said...

That must have been so good
Thank you for being a part of Sky Watch this week, your post and comments are much appreciated.
Tom ;O)

Panaderos said...

Beautiful shot of the horse farm. Nice use of the sky as backdrop. :)

esnorway said...

good pic

Em Dy said...

Judi-gmj, Tommy V, EsNorway, salamat!

Small city scenes, thanks for the information!

Daniel J Santos, it was.

Powell river books, will go visit.

Old Wom Tigley, until next Friday!

Panaderos, the horses were available for rides etc but only a few of us tried.