Monday, June 16, 2008

Heaven or Hell

Durian, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

Tastes like heaven, smells like hell

That's what they say about the durian, a fruit synonymous to Davao City. We were there last weekend and like many tourists before us had to go through this rite of passage. For me, it was neither heaven or hell. I'd grown accustomed to the smell as Mom's trusted aide Nene loves this so much and regularly buys her fill. As for the taste, I don't think it's heavenly. Durian is something I won't miss.

What about you? How was your weekend? Was it heaven or hell?

Taken June 2008 in Davao City, Philippines


genny said...

Wow i love durian. Its just hubby don't like the smell of it hahhaah. Happy WS! mine is up...

SandyCarlson said...

I never saw this before. Is there something lying on the fruit, or is all of that the fruit?

picturing said...

oh...durian. I don't like it

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Juliana RW said...

i feel can smeel that durian through here hi hi hi

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dale said...

YOu know ... I really want to like the stiff. I bought one once with my daughter. We got home and cut it open then had to run outta the house cause of the smell. We then had to draw straws to see who was going back in to put it in a big heavy duty bag and carry it out to the bin. Eventually I rolled the bin as far away on our property as I could.

I think if we got past the smell, we might like the taste ... I dunno ... we never got to the tasting bit.

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Steven and Aisha said...

:D Really nice photo of the durian. Happy WS!

Bela said...

durian is heaven for me...

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Happy WS!

RoseLLe said...

i seldom eat durian even's not that i don't like it. actually it taste good but it's the smell that gives me headache.

langka na lang please...hehe

Em Dy said...

Genny, that must be difficult.

Sandy, the fruit is fleshy with a seed at the middle.

Picturing, me too.

Juliana RV, sending you a virtual air freshener. Spray, spray!

Dale, that's a really funny story. At least, you can say you tried.

Steven and Aisha, thanks!

Bela, did I make you crave?

Roselle, I don't eat marang too. Langka anytime!