Monday, June 2, 2008

Pizza! Pizza!

Pizza, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

I was in Megamall yesterday when I spotted Sbarro. Since I haven't been to this restaurant in a long time and I've heard good reviews about the white pizza, I decided to have a quick snack. I was surprised when I saw the selection. Pizza. Pasta. And a whole lot more.

I'm going back for the deep dish pizza. I've always been curious since it was featured in Discovery Travel and Living but didn't know it was available in the Philippines. Now I know better.

How was your weekend?

Taken June 2008 at Sbarro Megamall


Iris said...

wow that is one thick crust pizza :) parang ang sarap! where's that from?

christine said...

hmm, pizza.. yum!

maiylah said...

they've been here for so long ... but it's been ages since I've got the chance to visit them! :)
your shot is making me hungry! lol. :D

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, that looks delicious!

genny said...

Wow pizza love it...Happy WS!

Em Dy said...

Iris, it's from Sbarro.

Christine, yum yum!

Maiylah, time to go back.

Sandy, the white pizza was. I'm going back for the others. LOL.

Genny, happy Monday!

ettey said...

uy sarap jan! favorite ko yung baked zitti nila na may meatballs srapp!!uhmm!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh W O W !!! My mouth is drooling! What wonderful food lies in front of me! =)
Rocky Mountain Retreat

bingskee said...

had posted also a few days ago about Sbarro pizza. yum yum

Photo Cache said...

That looks sinfully delish. But no thanks, let me have control over my emotions :=) Nice capture.

Mec said...

weekend was spent attending the end of Flores de Mayo in Lipa :)

this is such a great shot... eventhough I never liked Sbarro's pizza, this absolutely made me drool... hehe

Mec is Mom

Reflexes said...

yummy! huge slices...kaya ko kayang ubusin yan??

ScroochChronicles said...

my kids and i love sbarros. i haven't tried the white pizza yet. lately i've been trying to be good so i've been ordering the vegetarian pizza. the kids love the all cheese..with extra cheese :)

Em Dy said...

ettey, I saw that too. The meatballs are huge.

Michele, the pasta and salad will make you drool some more.

Bingskee, will check out your post.

Photo Cache, I'm envious. You have self-control.

Mec, ha ha.

Reflexes, my thoughts exactly but I finished mine (white pizza, not deep dish) though. I'm sure you can too.

Cookie, that's a lot of cheese.