Friday, June 13, 2008

Singapore Skyline

Singapore Skyline, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

Taken June 2008 in Singapore


Anonymous said...

Wow. Cities do not get a nicer to look at than this one. This is a beautiful photograph of a really nice looking city. You must be proud to have been there and taken it.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Nice to have you back.. I did miss your name last week..
This is a fantastic view with a stunning reflection..

Thank you for joining in with Sky Watch this week and helping to make it special.


Ida said...


Kathiesbirds said...

Wow, for a city, that's a very flattering shot! The colors are stunning and I love the lights reflected in the water!

Jules said...

What a great shot!...Looks like you are just singin' in Singapore!

Sandpiper said...

This is a fantastic picture!

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

That's a very lovely photo. The reflections in the water is beautiful.

esnorway said...

nice pic

John said...

Amazing shot and very nice composition!

Island Rambles Blog said...

Great Night Shot!! So clear...really nice...Happy Sky Watch Friday......lovely moody dark colors in your sky....we have rain and more rain....come and see my bride in the sky..if you already visited my blog, then thanks...cheers!!

Lizeth said...

namiss ko ang singapore. it's a really nice city to visit.

ang ganda ng kuha mo, em.

Em Dy said...

Abraham Lincoln, I really enjoyed the trip and hope to be back again.

Tom, I was in Singapore for the sale last weekend and couldn't upload pictures. Glad you like the shot.

Ida, thanks.

Kathiesbirds, salamat! That's Thank you in Tagalog/Pilipino!

Jules, and shopping too!

Sandpiper, thanks!

Pat, love the reflections too.

Esnorway, thanks!

John, a lucky shot.

Island rambles blog, heading there now.

Lizeth, salamat. Miss it already too even if I've been away for a week.

RoseLLe said...

thanks for bringing me back to SG...miss it so much.