Friday, May 16, 2008

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

I took this photo at lunch today. The sky should have been at its whitest, the sun at its brightest. But that was not the case because of tropical storm COSME. Shortly after this photo was taken, it started to rain.

And later during the night, power went out.

Taken May 2008


John said...

Great photograph!

Luiz.ramosforest said...

Good shot. Have a nice day.Take care.
Climate has been hardly.

Jane Marie said...

I definitely doesn't look like it's about to rain and storm enough to lose power. I hope you took cover.

Carletta said...

Your title is right on - the picture is very lovely.

dot said...

Pretty place! Sometimes it's nice when the power goes out.

Petunia said...

Nice shot:)

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello there Em Dy
Glad you got this up and posted before the storms came as we would have missed this insight to your bit of the world.. Thank you for being apart of Sky Watch and helping to make it such fun.

Tommy v said...

nice pic

Anonymous said...

What a great shot... nice one for SWF

Daniel J Santos said...

This is a great photo, beautiful.

Neva said...

A very nice shot! My skywatch was with clouds and it also started to rain after I took the photo!

Em Dy said...

John, thanks.

Luiz.ramosforest, the weather' a lot better today!

Jane Mare, I did.

Carletta, thanks.

Dot, it is but I missed bloging when the power went out. LOL.

Petunia, thanks.

Old Wom Tigley, and thank you for hosting. I'm enjoying the watch.

Tommy, thanks.

Quinttarantino, glad you liked it.

Daniel J Santos, thanks.

Neva, I hope you brought an umbrella.

toni said...

Nice! It does look you can hang out a little bit more outside till you see lightning streaking across the sky.