Friday, May 9, 2008

What A Difference The Day Makes!

Cathedral, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

Remember my first Skywatch photo I posted last Friday?

This is the same building but the photograph was taken during the day. This illustrates the fact that a subject may be captured in many different ways; at an angle, from a different vantage point, at different times of the day, close-up. The list goes on and on.

Take out that camera now and explore all the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes ... and as you say what a difference light makes.
A fantastic second SKY WATCH!

Snap Catch said...

fantastic one! Hope you'll visit mine too... Happy weekend!

Snap Catch said...

nice one for SWF! Hope you'll visit mine too... Happy weekend!

Dogwood Daze said...

I love catpuring things in different light. Lovely day!

SandyCarlson said...

That's a stunner!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Welcome back Em dy
I can see your wisdom of the camera being very useful with the tip you mention.. I like also the trees in this shot.. have a good SW


Anonymous said...

As for your question, I guess we could say that.
I'm no professional also, just plain amateur but I love photography.
Hope we can keep in touch.

Ida said...

Great shot! :)
I was listening to that song on You Tube yesterday!!! :)


imac said...

Great building

pop over and see my Skies from Belvoir Castle Grounds.

John said...

Amazing shot!

Anne-Berit said...

And that`s the fun of it.Great shot!

Lilli & Nevada said...

That is a beautiful capture and i love that building

Tommy V said...

cool building

Em Dy said...

Quintarantino, it's all about light! Let's keep in touch!

Snap catch, heading there now!

Dogwood Daze, me too.

Sandy, thanks!

Old Wom Tigey, sometimes we don't realize the power of the camera.

Ida, ha ha. Coincidence?

Imac, popping over right now.

John, thanks.

Anne Berit, cheers!

Lilli and Nevada, thanks. What have you been up to?