Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dream Come True

Two Princesses, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

For most, meeting a favorite star is a dream come true. I'm sure it was for the little princess when she met Cinderella.

Taken May 2008 in Hong Kong Disneyland.

This week's Lens Day theme: Portrait


jeanny said...

Your little princess is cute..I lvoe her eyes :)

Have a great Sunday


Panaderos said...

Did you get to go to Tung Chung, Em? They have a nice little shopping mall over there. We also went on a cable car ride.

HK Disney was a nice little park with some cool rides. A number of Pinoys also work there as talent.

Em Dy said...

Jeanny, the little princess is not mine. She is cute.

Panderos, no Tung Chung for me, didn't have time.