Monday, May 12, 2008

Take 5 and Up

Sicilian Salad, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

This is Italianni's bestselling salad which we had at yesterday's Mother's Day lunch. Looking at it, I was reminded of the initiative to increase fruit and vegetable consumption to improve health. This salad more than fulfills the earlier requirement of 5 servings a day. Now, the recommendation is to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily.

Did you have fruit or vegetable last weekend? How was it?

Taken May 2008 at Italianni's Eastwood in Quezon City, Philippines


ces said...

if i were in manila...i would also be in italianni's to celebrate mother's day! and would love to order this scrumptious salad! it's making me drool right now...thanks for reminding me i have to start a new diet again due to massive weight gain since we moved up here in MAss!

Carver said...

That looks delicious. I had a lot of fruits and vegetables at my Mother's Day brunch.

ScroochChronicles said...

My yoga teacher would be extremely pleased with your choice. Sabi nya dapat before eating anything, one should first line the stomach with either fruits or veggies. Hirap eh..

mine's up too..

Em Dy said...

Ces, and we had pizza and pasta too! And a platter of shrimp, ribs and steak. Not exactly really healthy. Ha ha.

Carver, good for you.

Cookie, mahirap nga! I hope all vegetables would be as good as this. I hate ampalaya.

caryn said...

hey! i love that salad! mmm! i want mangoes!

Ladynred said...

That looks really yummy. I love salad!
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