Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Maui with Love

Coconut Postcards, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

Yet another use for the coconut.

Taken May 2006 in one of the shops in Maui, Hawaii.

This week's Photo Hunt theme: Unique/Funny Signs


Anonymous said...

This is so unique! I'm not sure though if I would like to receive one of those. I wonder how many stamps are needed to mail that :)

Lynn said...

This is a good souvenir. :D

Flo said...

I used to paint coconuts for tourists. It's a really fun gift and souvenir.

Mines up over at Flo's Place

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

How unusual!
Nice photo for Sign.

mirage2g said...

Adding to the list of its many uses....quite pricey for a postcard. =D Happy PH!

Em Dy said...

Chinois97, I actually don't know. Enough to cover the coconut?

Lynn, it is.

Flo, please share some photos of what you made.

Cats~goats~quotes, thanks!

Mirage2g, I agree, this isn't cheap!