Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Twist of Green

Twist, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

I see this arrangement all the time when I visit plant stores. I don't actually know why the stems are twisted to each other. I wonder if the purpose is biological or decorative. Occasionally, a red ribbon is attached to the plant. That it also something that baffles me. Does it bring good luck or merely placed there to make it look good?

Taken April 2008 at one of the stalls selling plants in Tiendesitas.

This week's Photo Hunt theme: Twist(ed)


Panaderos said...

What plant was that, Em?

bunbungirl said...

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bingskee said...

saw this kind of twisted plant in one of the blogs. is this a fortune plant, too?

Random Ramblings said...

i am also intrigued on how they make those trunks twist...

i guess this plant is lucky for the chinese..

Em Dy said...

Panaderos, honestly this biology graduate has no idea.

Bunbungirl, I like Japanese food!

Bingkee, I think it's being marketed as one.

Random Ramblings, me too. How'd they do that. The trunks don't look very soft.