Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lost and Found

Tamborine Mountain, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

On our first day in Australia, we ventured out to see the Cedar Creek falls using the back route. As it was everybody's first time in the area, we got lost in the forest but found our way back to the hotel eventually. Only a few in our group of 30 saw the falls that day. This was taken several days later when a Korean friend and I took the recommended route. It was an easy hike after all. The others in the group made the hike before we did and encouraged us to go.

Taken August 2006 at Tamborine National Park, Queensland, Australia.

This week's Lens Day theme: Forest

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Anonymous said...

Great site here, Em! I also started a photo blog but haven't found time to update it. I thought it would be as easy as posting a photo everyday, but it's hard din.

Anyway, I'm hosting TBR 8. The theme is "Mentors, Tormentors". Please check out the details HERE. Hope to hear from you! Will also leave a note in your other blog.