Sunday, April 6, 2008

See Ya Later, Alligator!

Alligator, originally uploaded by Em Dy.

We didn't have to wait for this alligator to strike this pose. He was virtually stationary. At first, I doubted if he was real but was convinced when I saw his lower mouth moving as he breathed.

Taken April 2008 at Ark of Avilon.


Panaderos said...

From what restaurant was this pic taken? :) Just kidding, Em.

Nice shot. Good thing that the subject was quite cooperative.

Em Dy said...

Panaderos, the place has a food court but they don't serve alligators. They sell coffee though made from civet cat droppings. Scary, huh. Even my coffee-loving friend JT said no.

I would have run away if the subject was not cooperative.